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Telephone service
With landline service from Gridley Telephone, your calls will be clear and uninterrupted, and you'll easily be able to find that phone when you need it.

Basic Local Service:
Residential Service = $22.70/mo
Inside Wire Maintenance = $2.00/mo per line with phone line, $8.00/mo per line with NO phone line
More information on Inside Wire Maintenance

All of our Services require connection fees. All prices are per month rates. Telephone pricing does not include taxes/surcharges. Services are subject to availability.

GTC provides the following telephone features:
Available Features Monthly Cost
Automatic Callback *66 $2.00
Automatic Call Return or Automatic Recall *69 $2.00
Call Forwarding $1.00
Calling Name & Number Delivery $5.00
Call Waiting $1.00
Call Waiting ID $2.00
Distinctive Ringing Call Waiting Indication *61 $2.00
Selective Call Acceptance *64 $3.00
Selective Call Forward *63 $3.00
Selective Call Rejection *60 $3.00
Speed Dial 8 $1.00
Speed Dial 30 $2.00
Three-Way Calling $1.00
Voicemail $4.95